Pornosonic: Unreleased porno music

If you’ve ever thought “I wish there was groovier 70’s porn music”, you’ll be glad to know Pornosonic exists.

Pornosonic is the brainchild of Don Argott, an American actor and musician. In his desire to listen to more of the unique sort of music found in porn films, he started making it. This is how Pornosonic was born. A band that makes songs that sound like they’re straight out of vintage porn movies.

Taking inspiration from porn music might not be the most common band origin story. However, it seems to have worked. Pornosonic has released two albums so far, “Cream streets” and “Unreleased 70’S Porn Music”. Despite popular belief insisting otherwise, these albums don’t actually contain porn music.

The tracks that are on these two albums were never used in a porno. Instead, they are merely inspired by the music found in porn movies. Taking insight from them, Don Argott makes a unique sound which can lure in porn lovers with ease. The music oozes a sense of nostalgia. Especially for those who were alive in the glory era of actual porn films. You could argue that porn movies you had to go out and buy have a much larger nostalgic value than today’s easily available clips.

Critical reception has been surprisingly excellent for these two albums. The big-shot from AllMusic, Hal Horowitz, said that it was: “an enjoyable disc to play ‘spot the influences’ with.” It was also described as “expertly played, engaging music that succeeds in spite of its nudge-wink approach.” Describing it as a “nudge-wink” approach might even be generous. The tracks are rather explicit about their contents. CMJ New Music Report said that the tracks were “elaborate fakes” which is reasonably accurate.

As a whole, the reception of the songs seemed to rest on the masterful performance of them. This wasn’t a bunch of kids copying songs from their favorite porno, but full-fledged artists performing music inspired by porn.

Ron Jeremy, one of the most prolific male porn actors of a bygone era, has performed voice-overs of some of these songs. This is a big tie of the Pornosonic music to porn. Don Argott was rather satisfied with Jeremy’s work.

Unreleased 70’S Porn Music is Pornosonic’s most popular album. Inspired by vintage porn movies, with track titles like “Sex Starved Secretaries From Takin’ Dictation.” These titles could easily be actual titles of porn movies.

Even though these movies don’t actually exist, the groovy beats made by Pornosonic make the tracks a joy to listen to. The funky beats spell out nostalgia for those that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.

If you fondly remember the days of renting out a porn movie or even stealing from your father’s stash, these songs might just evoke those memories for you.

They sound as if they could be from an actual porno, and the themes in the songs lead to a lot of replayability. Every song has a story, which helps even further. The stories all deal with traditional vintage porn settings. For example, someone having sex with the plumber, or a girl with her teacher. All of this together combines to form the appeal of the Unreleased 70’S Porn Music album.

Have you ever found yourself yearning for simpler times, or for the natural appeal of vintage porn? Pornosonic might just be the band to channel these emotions through. It will take you back in time, and leave you there, surrounded with traditional porn setups accompanied by a unique, funky beat.