While there are no exact or fully reliable statistics on Dubai’s trans population, experts estimate that 1% of the people who live here represent this community. Your first trans date in Dubai may be in your immediate future!

Best Places to Meet Trans Singles

There are a few spots, which are popular with trans people in Dubai, such as the Marriot, Prive in Armani Hotel, 1 Oak at Sheikh Zayed Rd, Barasti Beach at the resort Mina Seyahi, Cirque Le Soir at Fairmont Hotel, Atelier M by Marina Mall, Skydive Dubai, Zero Gravity Dubai at Al Sufouh Rd, Nola Social House, and White Dubai. Most of these are elite and a bit pricey. You could try Barrels Sports Pub at the Majestic Hotel Tower or the Huddle Sports Bar & Grill at Citymax as a more affordable option.

These may be hot spots at present, but that might not be the case a year from now. In Dubai, the popularity of pick-up spots rises and falls at the speed of light.

Communication is Key

Once you meet someone, how do you get a date? It does involve some small talk, which can be a nightmare if you’re shy. When people don’t know what to say to a trans person after they meet, they’re tempted to talk too much about themselves or ask personal questions. Both would be a mistake. You risk putting them off if you get very personal right from the start.

For some people, the internet was the only option for meeting someone to have a relationship with. As with online dating in general, you need to put effort into striking a delicate balance between ghosting people and bombarding them with messages.

You’ll find trans people from across the globe who have registered on dating sites in Dubai, including from the US, India, Russia, Thailand, Canada, and the Philippines. Not all profiles are real, however. It’s important to take the time to read them.

Don’t put up with spam, and don’t spam people yourself. If you’re not getting a response from someone whose profile you fell in love with, let it go. It probably wasn’t meant to be. Rather than being overly persistent, focus on having a good time. If you have a fun conversation with someone, ask them out, but don’t press them. Trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t pursue it.

Staying Safe

Those who want to get a trans date might choose to limit their search to a community of foreigners. This is definitely safer than trying to date a local.